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My Hairstyle Tutorial

My hairstyle tutorial

Article made by Jakob Konnbjer

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1. SHampoo and NOT conditioner

First things first, make sure to wash and clean your hair from all the dirt and previous products. I use a volume shampoo to wash my hair while at the same time get some extra volume when styling. Remember, once your hair gets dirty it gets heavy which forces down your volume and makes it harder for you to style your hair. This is the volume shampoo that I use (click me).

Now, I have a secret trick that I want to share with you and that is to NOT always use a conditioner. An important note is that you should use a conditioner once in a while (and especially if you have a dry scalp and damaged hair) but once in a while if you're looking to impress a girl or showing up at a party with some extra volume, skipping the conditioner can help increase volume. This is because the more products you use, the harder it gets to gain volume. And speaking from experience, conditioners makes your hair heavier which again forces down your volume.

As a conclusion, try skipping the conditioner once in a while if you're looking to get some extra volume like me in this video but don't forget that using a conditioner is important for healthy hair.

2. volume spray and salt spray

The best time to add your styling products are when your hair is still wet. There are two specific benefits of doing this that I love and that is:

Number 1: It's easier to gain volume when applying products. When you then blowdry your hair you're stiffening your hairproducts giving your hair a much nicer and natural look.

Number 2: The risk of damaging your hair is lower. Think about it, if you're adding a strong clay to dry hair you'll be ripping some hair off your head while applying. You probably won't notice much afterwards but in long run this can cause you to lose and thin out your hair.

I always apply a volume spray (click me) and a salt spray (click me) for maximum volume while helping me get a natural texture and hold.

3. Blowdry (but be careful!)

One of the most common mistakes I see people make when blowdrying is that they are using MAXIMUM HEAT! Be careful or you will damage your hair! I recommend medium to low heat while at the same time not keeping the blow dryer in the same position. Move it around a lot! A tip is to change to low heat once in a while, especially when you're blowdrying the front section of your hair!

This is the blowdryer that I use (click me)  

4. Apply a stylepaste

But Jakob, you just said that I should apply my styling products when my hair is still wet? Yes - you should but some styling products (like wax, paste and clay) gives better volume and hold if you just let your hair dry a bit. So what I do in this video is that I blow dry my hair so it's not soaking wet but not yet dry. You see, if you add a paste when your hair is still dripping wet the paste will just follow along to the ground.

So what you want to do after getting out of the shower is to add the volume spray (click me) and salt spray (click me) then blow dry for 1-2 minutes and then add the style paste (click me) while your hair is still a bit wet. THAT, will give you an amazing and natural texture with great hold like in this video.

This is the stylepaste that I use (click me) 

5. I need to try this! (but before you do... read this!)

Hopefully you found this article helpful and want to try these tips I just shared with you! A little favour I would like to ask you is please share this article to someone you know could use this advice. It could be sharing this through your facebook or even instagram (and if so, make sure to tag me @jakobkonnbjer so I can personally thank you).

My goal is to help you out by sharing my tips and experiences so if you have any questions or feedback on what type of articles you want me to write, make sure to hit me up through the contact form (click me).

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