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3 tips when styling your beard

Article made by Jakob Konnbjer

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beard oil

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I wish i knew these tips when I was younger!

Hey guys! The feedback from yesterdays launch of my new website has been amazing, and I'm so happy because of that! I'm excited to bring you guys more value and articles and scrolling through my DM on Instagram (@jakbokonnbjer) one question that popped up frequently this morning was "Jakob, what are you best tips when styling your beard." So here you go!

In this article I'm sharing my best tips for styling your beard that you just need to know! These are tips and tricks that I've learnt throughout my journey (and a lot of them I wish I knew when I was younger) so I really think they can give you a lot of value whether you are a beginner or a pro!

Here we go!

1. Trim for shape and not for measurements

For years I made this simple mistake. I was trimming and styling my beard according to "lengths" and measurement. And yeah sure, I got a nice and neet look but what I later came to realize (after 3 long weeks without shaving) is that you can get a much nicer look if you style according to a shape that fits your face. What I mean by this is, see the picture below to the left. I was styling my beard according to measurements. Sure, it's a nice clean look but on the right picture I was styling my beard according to a shape. I wanted a more edgy, "angular" an pointy look (which really suits my face better imo). The style to the left gave my face a more "round look" but on the right picture I got a more pointy look that suits me better.

The secret is to style your beard according to a shape that matches with your face and overall look. And yeah, once you find the shape you like you can of course "save the measurements" but next time you're about to style your beard, look to create a shape of your beard that fits your face well.

Check out all of my grooming and hairstyle products here:

2. use a beard oil

For years I never used any products for my beard... Yes.. It's true. And that's because I just didn't understand the point of using any products for my beard. It wasn't untill I got a new barber when he pointed out and said that both my beard AND skin below was very dry and even irritated. So he hooked me up with a beard oil that helped give my beard more glow, moisturize the skin and also make it easier to style.

So in my grooming routines, after shaving and styling I always add a beard oil to give the finishing touch. I really think that it's an essential element when styling your beard. Down below are my top 3 beard oils that I use.

Beard oil 1



3. Don't forget this part...

Let me quess.. You shave the cheeks, trim the beard and make a little touch up around the moustache. But what about you neck and under the chin? I always forgot that part when I was younger and it would leave my beard not as tight and just look messy. You want to trim the neck and under the chin. It will help you get more clear and visible edges around the beard that helps enhance the look.

I only use a trimmer (check me). That works fine for me but if you want to shave (or even wax) that works too. All in all, don't forget to style your lower chin and neck to complete the beard look. 

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